About Tiffany

I’m a full-time homeschooling mom and part-time photographer living in Charleston, WV with my husband Jerad and 7-year-old daughter Marceline.

I love to photograph it all: people, places, milestones, day-to-day memories.  I primarily shoot on-location in natural light, at a variety of spots around the city.

I’m a 2008 graduate of Marshall University, and though my degree is in English, I’ve been involved in the arts throughout my life.  I was inspired to pursue photography professionally after several years of living and traveling throughout Asia and having the opportunity to photograph such places as the Tibetan Himalayas, big cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and the tropical beaches of the Philippines.

I launched my business in 2011, and I’ve been privileged to work with so many wonderful people since then.  Having a child of my own has only made my love of photography stronger, since I see so many special moments come and go just as quickly as she learns and grows.  Being able to capture those same moments for other families is a real honor.

If you think I’d be a good fit for you, get in touch with me on the contact page!


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