Cosplay » Alicia (Lolita)


Alicia was a BLAST to take photos with!  She wanted shots of her gothic lolita cosplay, and despite the drizzly afternoon and freezing cold, we got some gorgeous pictures on Capitol Street in Charleston.  🙂

Our original plan was to shoot at Spring Hill Cemetery near the big mausoleum, but we found out last minute that it would be closed during our shoot.  Plan B!  We met up downtown at Taylor Books and braved the horrible weather for about an hour, with my sister keeping pace with an umbrella to keep the camera dry.  Actually, the rain may have helped; there are hardly ANY people in the backgrounds of the photos, which is a rarity for normally-bustling Capitol Street!  Alicia is a real sport.  She never once complained, and her great sense of humor made the shoot that much more enjoyable!



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